Mixidisc S
September 15, 2020
LDS – Low Disturbance Subsoiler
September 15, 2020
High-speed straw rake used for creating a stale seed bed. An essential machine for effective use of minimum tilling and direct drilling
  • Can be operated with either 75mm tine spacings or 150mm by hydraulically removing every other row of tines. Useful for higher volumes of harvest residue.
  • Organic matter (e.g. chopped straw) aids to soil health and ensuring an even distribution of this with the Strake will accelerate the decomposition and provide consistent benefits across the field.
  • Reduces slug population by mixing crop residue with soil
  • Even distribution of harvest residue
  • Tines are appropriately spaced to spread crop residues which in turn prevents the creation of damp mats of straw which can be a haven for slug populations.
  • Perfect as a high speed ultra-shallow cultivator in a "chitting" application or can be used simply to distribute poorly chopped and spread straw from the combine.
  • Hydraulically adjustable tine angle
Encourages weed seeds to germinate giving a forced chit which can then be sprayed off at a later date. Exposes and destroys slug eggs laid in the chopped straw. Beats and moves the stubble residue prompting faster organic matter breakdown. Tears out and kills off young weed seedlings and volunteers, helping prevent them becoming a problems later in stubbles.