Mounted Trio

September 15, 2020
DD – Direct Drill
September 15, 2020
The market-leader in alleviating sub-surface compaction, mixing stubble and soil, leaving a level surface ready for seeding.
  • Optional Low Disturbance conversion feature whereby the discs can easily be removed and the points swtiched for narrow stealth versions
  • Lights and park stands as standard
  • Disc unit can be removed
  • Double row of 500mm concave discs mounted in pairs to prevent disc stalling
  • Tungsten-tipped points make for significantly reduced downtime
The benchmark single-pass combination cultivator which cultivates the full soil profile but resists the tendency to allow the heavier "sour" soils to rise to the surface and infiltrate the healthy top soil.į


Staggered low draught subsoiler legs providing full width lift and pan shatter


Twin row of 500mm scalloped discs providing surface cultivation and trash mixing down to 100mm/p>


Proven Mulitpacka which leaves the surface level and evenly consolidated across the full width