DTS – Deep Tillage Seeder

SDO – Single Disc Opener
September 15, 2020
An exceptionally versatile drilling system, giving the user the option to direct drill into stubble, minimum tillage or plough-based systems.
  • Row spacings at 346mm for the DTS9 and 333mm for all others. Independently mounted to ensure good contour following ability.
  • Cameras and LED work lights
  • Grain and fertiliser option*
  • Simple calibration and metering. Satellite speed monitoring.
  • Hydraulic brakes*
  • GPS compatible
DTS strip-till seeding is a conservation system that uses a minimum tillage approach. It combines the soil drying and warming benefits of conventional tillage with the soil-protecting advantages of no-till by disturbing only the portion of the soil into which the seed is placed. Alongside the savings in fuel, labour and machinery, using the DTS can also reduce seed/fertiliser rates due to precise strip placement. Other benefits include improved root development and improved soil carrying capacity.