BALTIC DIRECT - Official representatives of SUMO UK agricultural machinery manufacturers in the Baltic States, Russia & Belarus

New and used agricultural machinery, tractor accessories, implements.

UAB BALTIC DIRECT - successfully operating since 2005 and with long, careful and honest work we have earned the trust of customers and partners. This is best proved by the fact that our company has become the official representatives (dealers) of SUMO UK not only in the Baltic States, but also in Russia and Belarus. The trust of such a company forces them to make even greater efforts and meet their expectations.

  • We are responsible,
  • We strive for efficiency,
  • We are constantly learning,
  • We value quality,
  • Building trust.
Challenges encourage us to improve and pursue new goals!


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Why us?

The company is the official representative of SUMO UK, not only in the Baltic States, but also in Russia and Belarus. As official representatives, we can guarantee quality, original equipment, a reliable supply chain. We also ensure warranty and post-warranty service and repair. And our team will help you choose the most suitable model or equipment, and will help you to get started, if necessary, to conduct trainings or provide more information on use, maintenance and operation. That our machine will serve for a long time and with great reablity

Professional team

Experienced specialist will help you to choose bes option for you.

Official representatives / distibutors

We are official representatives of SUMO UK company

warranty and post-warranty service and repair

We are making sure, that your machine & equipment will work for a long term

Reliable & trusted machinery

SUMO UK brand is trusted all over Europe and in other countries. And its products is known for quality, efficiency & durability
3 years ago

Derinant žemės dirbimą ir kitus agronominius sprendimus galima pasiekti tikslingų rezultatų vienas iš sprendimų SUMO DTS. Žieminiai Rapsai.

3 years ago
Photos from Baltic Direct - SUMO - Žemės ūkio technika's post

Tęsiamas toliau Demo turas SUMO DTS šiaurės regionuose. Pakruojo r.
Šį sykį žieminį rapsą buvo bandoma sėti į 4 cm gyliu suskustas ražienas. :)

3 years ago

Taikant teisingus sprendimus, praėjus 45 valandoms po sėjos su Sumo DTS rapsas jau dygsta. :)

3 years ago
SUMO DTS 3 žieminio rapso sėja.

SUMO DTS 3 strip-till. Pirmoji šio gamintojo sėjamoji Lietuvoje! Ir pirma žieminio rapso sėja, Joniškio r.!